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KAI: If you just take one look at Chen, he just looks like a nice person.
(one fan hella laughed)
CHEN: (pointing at the fan) uh excuse me why are you laughing
trans; itsaconspiracy


               Bom: Wel.. as chef.. can Shin Sungwoo shave his beard?

rise and shine ~

what i said: i like kpop
what my family heard: i only like asians. i am destined to marry an asian and move to an asian country and eat nothing but asian food and speak an asian language asian asian asian also i am officially changing my race to asian bye

when kris said the food wasn’t “his style” but ends up hogging chanyeol’s food…


What pretty much all kpop stans are going through…

In the last gif Jonghyun’s just nodding like “mmm-hmm, as expected. Poor girl.”


[TRANS] @/realjonghyun90: You don’t like me?But I will squish you tho fumbling fumblingPlease like me puppyTrey Songz song is good…

Trey Songz-hyung.


[TRANS] @/realjonghyun90: You don’t like me?
But I will squish you tho fumbling fumbling
Please like me puppy
Trey Songz song is good…


Trey Songz-hyung.